HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips vacuum cleaners

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  • HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips vacuum cleaners
  • HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips vacuum cleaners
  • HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips vacuum cleaners
  • HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips vacuum cleaners
  • HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips vacuum cleaners
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HEPA filter for Electrolux, Volta, Wertheim, Phillips, AEG & Tornado vacuum cleaners

Hygieia brand Electrolux S-filter HEPA Hygiene Filter


Suitable for Electrolux, Volta, AEG, Tornado, Philips and Wertheim models.

Fits the following Electrolux series:

  • Boldio
  • Excello
  • Oxygen
  • Oxy3-Systems
  • Praxio
  • Power system
  • Smartvac
  • UltraSilencer series
  • FC8031 series
  • Twinclean series
  • UltraFlex series
  • UltraOne series
  • UltraPerformer series
  • UltraCaptic series
  • Supercyclone models
  • SilentPerformer series
  • Pure D9 series
  • Pure C9 series
  • Powerforce series
  • Ergospace series

Some examples of models that will fit:

Electrolux: ZUA3840P, ZE346B, Z3347, ZU3375, US3940P, ZE360WP, ZSC69FD2, ZSC6940, ZUAG3801, ZUA3940P, ZUSG3901, ZSC6940, Z8280 , ZUS4065PET, ZUP3822P , ZUF4205AF , ZSC6930, ZUS4065OR , ZUO9923PT, ZUO9925P , ZUC4103DEL, ZUF4203PET, Z8220 , Z8230 , Z8240, ZUF4201OR , XXL160 , ZUC4102PET, ZUC4102ANC, ZSPG4301, ZPFG2300, ZUP3832PT ZPF2320TP, ZJM68FD1, ZPF2310T, ZSP4303PET, ZPF2300T, ZJM6840, ZUFG4201OR Z3372, ZUA3820P, ZUA3821P, ZUSG4061, ZCS2000, ZAC6717 ZE347, ZUA3822P, ZUA3860P, ZUAG3802, ZE340, ZEG300, ZSC69FD2, ZUA3861P, ZUA3830PT, ZUSG3000, ZUS3386, ZUPG3802, ZUS3385, ZAM6103, PD91-6ST, PD91 GREEN, PD91-ANIMAL, 

Also suitable for:

  • Phillips models: Autoclean, City Line, Ergofit, Jewel, Marathon, Performer, Performer Pro, Silent Star, Specialist, Studio Power, Universe (For example: FC9080, FC9081, FC9082, FC9083, FC9084, FC9085, FC9086, FC9087, FC9088, FC9089, FC9008, FC9022, FC9023, FC9054, FC9057, FC9064, FC9104, FC9116, FC9122, FC9131, FC9200, FC9204, FC9206, FC9208, FC9209 , FC9066, FC9067, FC9222, FC9262, FC9264, FC9225, FC9266, FC9252, FC9254, FC9256, FC9258, FC9261, HR 8368, HR8378)
  • Wertheim models: W4030, 4030 Super System, W5030, 5030, W5035, 5035, W6030, 6030, W6035, 6035, W7000 
  • Volta models: Airmax, Bolido, Control, Cyclone Xl, Essensio, Gemini, JetMaxx, Maximus, Quickstop, Super Cyclone, 
  • Tornado models: Accelerator, AirMax, Boldio, Calypso, Elegance, Essensio, JetMaxx, Perfecto, Spiral, Super Pro, Super Cyclone, Zephir,
  • AEG models

Electrolux part number EFH12W


Approximate dimensions: 148mm x 120mm x 25mm

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  • Full manufacturers warranty 
  • 30 day no hassle returns
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


We stand by our products and want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If for some reason you are not satisfied with this product please let us know, we will be happy to rectify this.

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by Rathy on 10th Feb 2024

    correct item received

  • 4

    Posted by Jan Taita on 23rd Dec 2023

    Arrived promptly packaged well as per photo of product

  • 4

    Posted by Judith Adams on 12th Oct 2023

    Good service and well priced compared to large leading stores. Valu for money

  • 5
    Very Happy!

    Posted by Ian Connors on 6th Jun 2021

  • 5
    Washable Filter

    Posted by Amanda Beck on 6th Jun 2021

    Exactly the same as original. Very pleased.

  • 5
    Vacuum Filter

    Posted by Kaye Truscott on 6th Jun 2021

    I googled the filter, found your business and put through the order. Communication and delivery was excellent and soon had what I needed in my hand. Very happy with the process. Thankyou

  • 5
    Spare parts

    Posted by Krystle on 6th Jun 2021

    Correct part supplied. Good customer service and prompt delivery.

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