DIY Cordless Vacuum Service

DIY service your cordless vacuum cleaner


Having a cordless vacuum cleaner that doesn’t perform well is a disaster, especially if you have a guest coming over or your child made a big mess!

You try to vacuum but the vacuum makes noise like it vacuums but with little or no suction and you desperately try to make it work! If this sounds like you keep reading.

You are faced with 3 options:

1.      Book it in for a service with a professional

2.      Give it to a neighbour or someone who proclaims to be a vacuum guru

3.      Fix it yourself using this DIY service guide


If you choose option three, this guide is for you. However please keep in mind, this guide is general in its nature because there are many kinds of cordless cleaners. But if you need help with a specific vacuum, write to our Vacuum Spares customer service on and we will try and get you in touch with one of our experts.


1.      Filters – there are usually TWO filters in your cordless vacuum cleaner one before the motor (intake) and one after the motor (exhaust) both need to be clean. Check the filters clean and wash them if its possible then make sure the are 100% dry before trying to use the vacuum cleaner.





2.     Powerhead – check to see if you can remove the rollerbrush from your powerhead. Under the rollerbrush there is a narrow area where the dust gets sucked into. This is usually the most narrow area in the vacuum called the mouth.  The mouth is where many blockages happen, so check to see if anything is stuck in there and clean it




3.       Canister – The canister is the area where all the dust is collected. First, remove the rod and check at the entry to the canister if there is anything stuck, if you have a dyson stick vac, check the black flap inside the canister to make sure its not stuck or blocked. Some canisters have cyclones, ensure they have nothing stuck in them and if you have a plug-in vacuum cleaner, use it to remove anything you see from there.



Check your vacuum cleaner for anything unusual, like:

A strong smell – could mean it picked up something wet or the motor may be burning or overheating. – switch off the vacuum and don’t use it. You may need a new motor

Loud or pulsating noise – Could mean there is a blockage, or your motor is overheating – the above 3 steps will solve this

No power – could mean you have a faulty battery or charger – check if the light on the charger is on (if you have one). You may need a new charger or a new battery.