Battery mAh - what's real and what's fake?

Unveiling the Battery Deception: How Some Manufacturers Mislead Vacuum Cleaner Users


Battery technology plays a pivotal role in the efficiency and performance of modern vacuum cleaners, enabling cordless freedom and extended cleaning times. Among the well-known brands in the industry, Dyson and Roomba have become synonymous with cutting-edge vacuum cleaners. However, an unfortunate trend has emerged where some manufacturers mislead consumers by falsely advertising the milliampere-hour (mAh) capacity of their batteries. This article aims to shed light on this deceptive practice and highlight the commitment of in providing authentic battery capacities to their customers.

The Importance of Battery Capacity

Battery capacity, measured in mAh, indicates the amount of charge a battery can store and provide to the vacuum cleaner. A higher mAh rating generally corresponds to longer runtime between charges. Thus, it is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a new battery for your vacuum cleaner.

The Deceptive Practice

Regrettably, some manufacturers have resorted to deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting customers by falsely advertising inflated mAh capacities on their batteries. These exaggerated claims mislead buyers into thinking they are getting a longer runtime and superior performance from their vacuum cleaner. In reality, the actual capacity of these batteries may fall far short of the advertised values, resulting in disappointing performance and reduced runtime.

The Impact on Consumers

The consequences of purchasing vacuum cleaner batteries with fake or lower-than-advertised capacities can be frustrating for consumers. They may find themselves with shorter cleaning times, leading to frequent recharges or a diminished cleaning experience. Furthermore, the decreased lifespan of batteries with lower-than-advertised capacities can result in more frequent replacements, adding financial burden and environmental waste.

The Difference

Amidst this troubling trend, stands out as a reliable and reputable source for vacuum cleaner batteries. They take pride in ensuring transparency and providing customers with batteries that have the real mAh capacity as advertised. By prioritizing honesty and accuracy, aims to offer customers a trustworthy and satisfying shopping experience.

Why Choose

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Battery capacity is a critical factor in the performance and convenience of cordless vacuum cleaners. While some manufacturers engage in deceptive practices, stands apart as a reliable source for batteries with accurate and genuine mAh capacities. By choosing to purchase from reputable sellers like, consumers can ensure they receive the promised performance, extended runtimes, and ultimately enjoy a satisfying cleaning experience with their vacuum cleaners