Characteristics of a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Where to start

You should consider a vacuum cleaner that:

is light weight

is quiet operation

is easy to use over both carpet and hard surfaces

has a long cord, so you’re not changing power points every 5 meters

has a compact design for easy storage and maneuverability


Another important factor to consider is the type of dust collector. Cloth bags are messier and harder to empty, while paper bags are more user friendlier, but have ongoing costs and may be something you’re always forgetting to buy. The bags also have a negative effect on the environment. However If the bag is completely bio degradable, you can simply put them in your compost your garden worms will love you for the snack.


Ease of Use

Telescopic wand: to adjust the height

Dust collector: how easy is to empty and clean

Variable suction/power: good for curtain or blind or the car convenience

Dustbag-full indicator: Lets you know when the dust collector is full without having to open the vacuum.

Blower: good for blowing up balloons or air beds or even unblocking the hose onboard storage for accessories: saves you running around the house looking for the tools when you need them mostly

Wand storage: Allows the wand to be attached to the cleaner when storing. This is useful for keeping all the bits together.

Retractable cord: This is much easier than winding the cord around the cleaner. Most uprights don't have this feature, but you can wind the cord around two hooks to keep it tidy.


Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference

Tools: crevice tool upholstery brush dusting brushes are handy for all the other smaller jobs

HEPA filter: This stands for high-efficiency particulate air filtration. It’s excellent if somebody suffers from any allergies or asthma, and even if you don’t, its steel good to have.

Power vs. turbo head: A power head is excellent at reaching dirt deep inside your carpet. The best power heads are the ones that have vibration capabilities. They will get more dirt than any other power head. Turbo heads are air driven and slow in comparison to power heads. They are good at removing surface dust but quite useless in picking up deep dirt.