Dyson V11 vs Dyson V15, is it worth it?

As you may be aware Dyson has released the latest V15 model stick vac, and yes as usual its not cheap! So what you are asking yourself, what's new? and is it worth buying it? or perhaps its no different to the V11 that would without a doubt now be at a much lower price. So should you save your money and get the V11 or not?

 Dyson V15 (left) vs v11 (right)

V15 on left v11 on right


To answer this question you need to know the detailed information below:


Run time - both have up to 60 minutes runtime. Now keep in mind, runtime will depend on many factors, and your battery runtime will be reduced depending on the resistance on the rotating brushes or on resistance on airflow. For example if you vacuuming carpets and your filters are dusty, you both applying resistance on your roller brush and on the airflow do your runtime will only be 30 min if you lucky. If your dyson detects a dusty area it will increase suction, which will draw on battery even more and clog the filter even faster, you will be probably getting around 10 min of vacuuming time.


Suction Power - we couldn't find much data from dyson on the suction power however our tests showed both the v11 and v15 have similar power, with V15 slightly more powerful, however the pickup was very good with both machines.


Sensors - Dyson V11 impressed us all when it came out with its automatic adaptable suction, that would change if it can detect different surface or more dust. However the V15 improve on that and added a dust particle sensor that tells you what microscopic particles are picked up and removed from your environment, categories them by size.


Attachments - The attachments fulfil same functions but different, especially we like the slim fluffy head and the light function on the new V15


Our Verdict - We love new gadgets and technology that are meaningful and not gimmicks. The Dyson V15 is the most impressive stick vac we have seen so far, so if the budget allows we say - buy it!