Shop with confidante for any vacuum cleaner, stem cleaner backpack or scrubber as we carefully select only the few best performing and most reliable cleaning equipment. management understood long ago that its not about the quantity but the quality of the products we stock that is key for customers coming back again.

Here are some recommendations based on feedback:
if its a backpack vacuum cleaner you are after Pacvac superpro and Ghibli T1 are the best choice for reliability, service & maintenance cost. The Pacvac would be our pick if a dusty job is at hand such as builders cleans. That is due to the backpack unique ability to not loose suction as fast as others, which leads to increase in productivity. If you are after a low budget option, the Aerolite will not disappoint, its powerful and light weight and is long way under $200.

if you are looking for a good all rounder wet & dry, our pick is the Cleanstar epic wet & dry. This relatively low price machine has unbelievable suction and reliability, plus you are able to get all the parts you need easily and at a reasonable price.

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