Dyson V10 VS Dyson V11 Is it Worth It?

Dyson V10 Vs V11

Dyson goes hand in hand with innovation, every year or so
the release new models, but the question remains is: are the models different
to each other or are the y just a shiny new color and name?

Today I will be asking the most asked question in the vacuum
cleaner world; what is the difference between dyson v11 and dyson v10?


Power head

The dyson v11 has a significantly improved powerhead than
the V10 because of its addition of a switch on the powerhead that seems to
bring is closer to the surface, seal better and therefore significantly
improved the suction on carpers. When you flick this switch the powerhead stick
to the carpet better and seems to agitate the carpet pile.



The battery last longer on the v11 vs the v10, although we
only talking a few minutes, about 10 minutes on regular suction and 3 or so
minutes on max suction, still this is a well needed improvement, because lets
face it, the runtime is never long enough so even extra 3 minutes on max is a
welcomed improvement.



The v11 added a display to show how long battery is left
before it runs out. On first glance it’s a gimmick but when you use a cordless
without this feature you understand the constant anxiety of not knowing if you
are about to run out of battery. This feature is well worth having! When I know
that I still have 10 minutes to go I don’t rush trough my cleaning. So this V11
stickvac feature is a winner



There is no visual difference between the v10 filter and the
v11 filter, both filters are washable sponge type material, that slide on and



No real difference of canisters between the dyson v10 and
v11 models stickvac both have great capacity, the only thing they are not easy
to clean when dust gets inside the cyclones, I learnt to take them apart and
clean it, even wash it, but its not easy task so I don’t recommend it to