Is My Vacuum Cleaner a Source of Smell?

Is My Vacuum Cleaner a Source of Smell?

My vacuum is the source of smell?

It is very unfortunate if you decide to vacuum your house but discover that your vacuum and its filters are the ones that creating the smell. How can your vacuum cleaner and your vacuum filters can become the source of smell?

The dirtiest devices in our house are those designed to pick u dust therefore it is most important to keep the vacuum cleaners in this case, clean!

Here are some tips we recommend to follow:

Tip 1: Do not vacuum spilled food or drinks. Even dry food can stay and stars stinking your vacuum cleaner. If the food particles sit inside the vacuum or inside your filters or your bag for a few days, they can rot. This also makes bacteria grow that is also in charge of  smells inside your vacuum cleaner filters or bags.

Tip 2: Do not vacuum oily floor surface. Oil gets sticky and makes dirt stick to it inside you vacuum hose, floor head, attachments and can clog your filters. Use lemon disinfectant or degreaser to clean it up first and when it is already clean and dry, you can continue vacuuming the floor.

Tip 3: don’t pick up any moisture at all. When you vacuum damp or wet areas, the damp or wet dirt inside can stink. Moisture also makes molds growth. Be extremely careful around bathrooms and shower areas, often water spills can’t be seen easily on tiled surfaces. If water was picked up throw away your bag, remove your filters and dry them. Don’t put them back inside your vacuum cleaner unless they are 100% dry. I would also recommend to let the vacuum cleaner dry for a few days before using it again, just in case moisture got into the motor.

Tip 4: replace your vacuum cleaner bag when it’s no more than 80% full. Replace it with a new bag, don’t reuse the old one. If you are using a bagless or a canister cleaner you would want to throw away the accumulated dirt after every vacuum. Also with a bagless vacuum you should clean your filters after every vacuuming.

Tip 5: Clean the brush of your cleaner. Bacteria can cling on the bristles. Remove the attachment and clean the brushes with another brush then use disinfectant spray to get rid of bacteria. Let it dry completely before using it again. If you don't have time to do this regularly, just use a disinfectant spray and spray it on the brushes after using them.

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